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Electronic Kits

AP4050 Pneumatic Group Module

The AP4050 pneumatic group module provides a compact, easy, and affordable unit which can be used to drive a custom made tamp-on / tamp-blow label applicator. This unit comes with its electronic board featuring two solid state pressure sensors, several I/Os and five electro-valves. The electro-valves block is used to control the extension and the retraction of a pneumatic actuator, an air assist, label vacuum on tamp sand label air blow. This unit works in perfect combination with ourRewinder group and can be easily controlled and configured through the HMI controller. As for all our modules, a controller software for PC is available as well. The AP4050 pneumatic group's firmware is being constantly updated by a team of engineers who works in contact with our partners and distributors.

Air Assist control Kit forOEM Robots

Integration between our labelling systems and multiple axis robots or manipulators is possible, thanks to the electronic capability.
A dedicated kit for air assist is available and it includes:
- Air assist pipe;
- Mechanical and pneumatic connectors;
- Air regulator;
- Electro-valve;
- Solenoid;
- Cable to PCB.

Active Pneumatic AdaptorKit

Folding label on a package edge can be done by using an Active Pneumatic Adaptor Kit, which is a simple, reliable, and cost-effective device.
Driven by a sync command, programmable from the 122 or 4050 electronics, it comes with a 250mm actuator, electro-valve, and connector.Suitable for labels up to 120mm.

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