In the ever-evolving world of intralogistics and e-commerce, efficiency and accuracy are paramount.
To address the specific needs of Scan Label Apply Manifest (SLAM) applications, Phoenix Labeling has developed an innovative Print & Apply system: the Volt770.

This fully electric print applicator is designed tohandle high-frequency shipping label applications. With its long stroke carbonfiber applicator and light weight construction, the Volt770 is perfectly suited for high-frequency label application cycles on boxes and parcels of varying heights. Additionally, the motorized unwinder allows for the use of large diameter label rolls while enhancing printer performance and reducing wear and tear.

The Volt770 full-electric applicator has a long stroke of the carbon fiber rod (770 mm) for this reason is light, safe and high-performing.
Typically requested for integration in the SLAM processes (Scan Label Apply Manifest), where the use of compressed air is eliminated, Volt770 is a ballistic all-electric applicator.

This wipe-on applicator is adaptable to different heights and thanks to the electric stepper motors is extremely safe: no need for protective barriers.

Application scheme design

Main Features

Programmable linear applicator with electric motion
Smart variable distance positioning of the actuator
Full-electric wipe on application, no compressed air required
Carbon-fiber long stroke applicator (770 mm of usable stroke)
• Ideal solution for applying shipping labels on fast-moving parcels with variable height (SLAM applications in E-commerce and 3PL)

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