modular labelers
Automatic labelling systems for self-adhesive labels are the most used devices, for the application of informative and/or decorative labels on primary and secondary packaging. They are requested to dispense labels in mandatory position of the packaging, with absolute accuracy and avoiding wrinkles. If the label dispensing from the device is directly on the products, while products are moving, we can call the device “labeler”. If a direct application is not possible, due to process limitations, then labels can be applied on a label applicator module, which will bring the label in the desired position. A label applicator module is driven by the labeler electronics. Phoenix Italia has developed a complete range of Labelers and label applicators, covering any product orientation, productivity demand and easy to integrate with the final user processes.


The122 Series is a modular, performing family of labelers and label applicators. Its state-of-art electronic allows the integration of the label dispenser unit, together with electric or electropneumatic application modules.Designed to be compact as possible, without compromise on performances and reliability, the 122 Series cover most of the labelling demands.The 122 Series is perfect for integration in OEM lines, both for communication capability as well thanks to its thin and intelligent design.

Linear application

Swing-Arm application

Wipe-On application

Blow application

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