SpeedMate Blade

This label applicator for self-adhesive labels is suitable for “wipe-on” applications onto moving products. It is a general-purpose machine, developed to cover most labelling needs within the range of standard pre-printed labels.

Two separate stepper motors (one powers the pulling the paper, while the second one powers the rewinder) take care of the correct liner tensioning, in order to be accurate (+/-1 mm) and fast in dispensing (peak up to 70 m /min), avoiding paper stretching and possible breaking.

The Speedmate Blade comes in both right hand and left version, and can handle two different paper widths (120 and 180 mm). The dispensing blade can be fixed, or spring loaded: while the fixed blade is used for application on plain products, the spring loaded one is used when the applicator and the adaptor have to follow-up the product shape.

Application scheme design

AL122 Wipe-On Applicator

• Full-electric wipe on application, no compressed air required
• Fixed labelling distance
• Ideal solution to print and apply labels at high speed if real-time printing is not required

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