print and apply label applicators
A Print & Apply is a system that is able to print any coding andtraceability data on a self-adhesive label and then apply it directly to aproduct or package.
IMA Phoenix Labeling offers a complete range of Print & Apply systems, satisfying any production demand, no matter the product orientation, ensuring an easy integration within the end-user’s production line.

Machines Portfolio

FlexiMate Windgrip

The WindGrip is a full-electric applicator, built for the print&application of A6 labels (105x148mm). It is a wipe-on applicator and it is typically requested for integration in logistic environments where there is no use of compressed air. 

FlexiMate eBelt

The Vacuum Belt is a high-speed, fully electric applicator for print & apply systems. It allows top, bottom and side labelling on high-capacity conveyor lines, without the need of compressed air. 

FlexiMate eBlade

The eBlade wipe-on is a high performances label dispenser where the printing phase is separated by the application, and the system has a buffer of labels which is automatically loaded when request. 

FlexiMate eLinear

The eLinear is the electric applicator that rewrites the rules of print & apply systems. Faster than pneumatic systems, its technology allows a complete and highly precise control of the applicator stroke with regards to speed, accelerations and positioning.

FlexiMate eSwing

Swing arms are mainly used for label application, on the front of moving products on a conveyor. This applicator is a programmable swing arm that, driven by an electric motor, brings the tamp-plate to any desired angle between 0° - 180°.

FlexiMate eCorner

A real time print & apply system for corner-wrap applications, typically used for secondary packaging and perfect for pharmaceutical aggregation processes.It consists of two electric applicators, moving in synchronous thanks to the powerful electronic.

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