Swing arms are mainly used for label applications on the front side of moving products on a conveyor. This applicator is a programmable swing arm that, driven by an electric motor, brings the tamp-plate to any desired angle between 0° - 180°. Electric power allows it to be faster and more accurate than pneumatic in angling the arm/pad assembly. Differently from pneumatic applicators, arm’s acceleration and deceleration are settable allowing a safer and fully controlled movement and avoiding the adoption of dampeners.

Application scheme design
AE122 Electric Swing Arm Applicator

🏃🏻 Faster than an equivalent pneumatic version

✅ Electric driven applicator for preprinted self-adhesive labels

⏱️ Programmable swing arm between 0°-180°

👷🏻Safe movements of the applicator

📦 Two labels on the same product in real time

⚙️ Wide range of stroke’s lengths and label pad sizes

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