The AL4050 Motorized Wipe-on is a high performances label dispenser where the printing phase is separated by the application, and the system has a buffer of labels which is automatically loaded when request. Following Phoenix Italia exclusive technology, the pulling group consists of an easy to load liner path that ensures accuracy and maximum performance: dispensing labels at a speed up to 50 m/min (on 100x100 mm labels) can be achieved, even at variable speed, with unbelievable precision.

AL4050 MOTOR Full-electric Wipe-on Print & Apply system

✅Full-Electric Systems: no use of compressed air

🔖 Wipe-on application: labels are gently applied on the product surface

👷🏻 Safe and programmable movements of the applicator

📦 Fixed height labeling

⚙️ High performances label dispenser

Discover the optional sensors and I/O, visiting theAccessories page.
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