AP182 RT is the most flexible system for the automatic printing and application of A5 labels on multiple sides of a pallet, according to the international logistic identification standards. Ergonomic, safe, protected and compact exactly as the standard AP182, it presents an outstanding yet unique feature: any label can be applied both portrait and landscape oriented. Its applicator pad is mounted on a programmable axis, turnable ±90°. AP182 RT can apply labels from one to three sides of a pallet, and thanks to its fully programmable logic, applications can be performed, in some conditions, even on moving pallet. The extra axis for pad rotation does not affects any performance.

AP182 RT Electric Rotary Tamp Print & Apply for pallet

⚙️ Automatic print & apply system, suitable for A5 labels application

🔖 The applicator pad of AP182 RT is mounted on a programmable axis, turnable ±90°, allowing both landscape and portrait label orientation

✅ The most compact system on the market as well: only 120x80 cm of footpath

⏱️ Every parameter of the applicator movement is programmable

👷🏻 Safe movements of the applicator

📦 It can print & apply label on multiple sides of pallet

🔩 It's protected by dust and dirty environments thanks to a robust aluminum frame

Discover the optional sensors and I/O, visiting theAccessories page.
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