FlexiMate eBelt

The Vacuum Belt is a high-speed, fully electric applicator for print & apply systems. It allows top, bottom and side labelling on high-capacity conveyor lines, without the need of compressed air. 

The all-electric design allows up to 80% saving on running costs compared to traditional pneumatic print & apply systems. The label, of up to 170x230mm, can be printed with a standard print engine module and is transported to the product through a set of timing belts that ensure accuracy and capacity: the application phase is independent from printing, so FlexiMate eBelt can label more than 120 products per minute (label size depending). 

It features a modular design with several configurations available, including a 350mm motorized unwinder which contributes to guarantee a longer lifespan of print heads and relaxed service intervals.

Application scheme design

Main feauters

Full-electric wipe on application

No compressed air is required

Fixed labelling distance

Real-time printing and applying

Ideal solution to print and apply labels at high speed in real-time

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