FlexiMate Windgrip

The WindGrip is a full-electric applicator, built for the print&application of A6 labels (105x148mm). It is a wipe-on applicator and it is typically requested for integration in logistic environments where there is no use of compressed air. 

It uses a fan keeping labels in vacuum on the application pad; the electric driven applicator rod moves the pad at the desired distance. When triggered by a moving product, the applicator will run for an extra-run, until the label will get in contact with the product. Once the label leading edge is attached to the product, the product itself will carry away the label from the pad. 

A set of foam rollers adapts the label on the product surface.

An optional laser distance sensor can be integrated, in order to optimize the applicator stroke positioning, and to reduce the application times.

Application scheme design

Main feauters

Programmable linear applicator with electric motion

Smart variable distance positioning of the actuator

Tamp-Blow technology for the maximum labeling flexibility

Wide range of stroke lengths and label pad sizes

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