IMA Phoenix appoints Matteo Renzi as Sales Director
May 30, 2024
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IMA Phoenix is pleased to announce the appointment of Matteo Renzi as Sales Director.

A new stepforward in the creation of a Go-To-Market strategy to implement tailored experiences that resonates with the specific needs and preferences of each customer both acquired and potential.

Starting from April 1, 2024, Matteo Renzi oversees the Sales department team of the company. In his new role, he will be responsible for the on-going strategic growth and development of historic and new strategic markets. A holistic approach able to provide seamless value propositions to the marketplace effectively. The aim is to provide consistent positive personalized experiences throughout the whole target journey.

An appointment that is part of a broader growth project for IMA Phoenix, which is strong from its entry into IMA Group last year.

By fostering a culture of collaboration, where marketing and sales teams share information, orchestrate interactions, and work towards common goals to increase the reputation and perception of the company, the Go-To-Market strategy will empathize the three main pillars of IMA Phoenix and its “out-of-the box” solutions:

Modularity: Offering flexibility in configuration and application, ensuring maximum adaptability

Compatibility: Providing comprehensive systems that embrace a wide range of specific requests

Versatility: Proposing easy to use and quick to adapt print & apply and label applicators for fast-changing needs

“IMA Phoenix specializes in designing andmanufacturing automatic labeling solutions for various industrial sectors,ranging from high-speed and precision label applicators for primary packagingapplications to electric print apply systems for end-of-line processes,including pallet labelling. Thrilled to be stepping into this new role and eager to contributeto the growth of the company alongside our exemplary team of professionals”.
Matteo Renzi, Sales Director of IMA Phoenix

IMA Phoenix would like to wish Matteo Renzi all the very best in his new position and in reaching the ambitious development objectives of the entire company.



Born in 1992 in the province of Milan, Matteo has a Bachelor’s Degree in Oral and Written Translation (English and French as foreign languages), and Cultural-Linguistic Mediation.

He perfected his skills with the Master’s Degree in General Management and Digital Innovation that he completed last year.

Great experience in the labeling solutions for secondary packaging identification, fast time to market, innovative electric applicators, powerful software architecture which allows easy maintenance and troubleshooting.

In 2021 he became the Global Business Development Manager of IMA Phoenix with the aim to create from scratch a network of Dealers (Distributors, Systems Integrators, OEMs) around the globe.

Matte Renzi is specialized in Product Identification projects for the packaging End-of-Line. The ultimate end is getting product through the supply chain, culminating in a purchase and a positive customer experience. All packaging levels perform the functions of protection, communication, and convenience/utility.

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