IMA Phoenix flies to the 2024 MHI Spring Meeting
May 20, 2024
2 minutes

IMA Phoenix is glad to take part at the 2024 MHI Spring Meeting, a premier event that brings together supply chain professionals from across the industry.

This year's meeting will be held at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC and it will feature a wide range of educational sessions, networking opportunities, and Industry Group membership meetings.

In collaboration with IMA E-COMMERCE, IMA Phoenix sales and marketing team will be presented to deal with current and potential customers with the aim to better understand their specific needs and propose modular solutions for the end-of-line market.

In 2023, IMA Phoenix became an associate member of the SLAM Group, the newest industry entity of MHI association focused on scanning, labelling, application, and manifesting of outbound customer shipments.

SLAM activities have been impacted like the rest of the distribution center by the massive uptick in E-Commerce.  The pressure is on to speed up SLAM operations while minimizing and reducing errors.

“The end of line operations for E-Commerce and Logistics historically have been the most difficult to automate and achieve efficiencies with the range of product sizes and packaging types.  This last 100 feet of operations are the SLAM (Scan Label Apply Manifest) lines, where the complexities of software, material handling, automated labelling systems, measuring systems and scanning equipment merge. To navigate directly towards the path of success, MHI, the Material Handling Industry, has purposely created the SLAM group, which contains the leaders in providing the services and needs of the End of Line operations."
Steve Dods, Director of Business Development of IMA Phoenix and Secretary Member in the Leadership Team of MHI SLAM group

The entrance in IMA Group by IMA Phoenix last year, gives the company the opportunity to create great synergies with the IMA E-COMMERCE division which, with new automated solutions, aims to meet the growing demand for online shopping and the specific needs of E-Commerce.

The presence of the automatic height adjustment and the application point detection in IMA Phoenix solutions, allows high productivity and maximum precision labelling of boxes with different heights that are typically in the E-Commerce sector.


Scan | Label | Apply | Manifest

It is the latest industry group to fall under the MHI umbrella. SLAM solutions are real opportunity for cost savings and productivity improvements facilitating the activities in the last stop between pack and before outbound sortation. Meeting several times each year, SLAM group will serve as a link between related product groups, evaluate and define best practices, collect and compile precious information for members and users, prepare and distribute educational materials.


Material Handling Industry

MHI standsfor Material Handling Industry and it is a leading non-profit trade associationrepresenting the U.S. material handling, logistics and supply chain industry.

It is the nation's largest association born to deliver the latest knowledge, the strongest connections, powerful industry leadership, and the best market access for manufacturing and supply chain professionals. Around 975 members and 18 industry groups power research and solution sourcing to drive the innovations.


Founded in January 2023 in response to the growing demand of the E-Commerce market, it is an innovator in the E-Fulfilment and Intralogistics packaging solutions.

E-Commerce is an essential part of the modern economy and IMA Group is committed to being at the forefront of this rapidly evolving market.

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